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Bus Service

Its Frequent, Free, and Convenient!

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Our location is ideally situated on the free Vail bus line. Once parked at Brooktree, easily get to virtually all locations in Vail without your vehicle. During the winter season the buses run every 20 minutes during peak times. Two bus stops are located on the street behind the front door. Just head up the stairs to Vail View Dr. and there's a stop to the left and right of you.

You are on the SANDSTONE route- remember that for your ride home! Bus routes are clearly marked at the Transportation Center where you are dropped off and picked up.

Uber is available but most likely not at the availability you are use to.

Getting to Gondola One using Vail bus service (1 to 2) 

  • Leave 5 minutes for your group to get to the stop each morning.

  • Walk up the back stairway to Vail View Dr.

  • Turn to your left heading downhill to the Sandstone Creek Club stop

  • To get to the Village base and ski locker you will depart at the Vail Transportation Center– about a 10 minute ride

Returning home (2 to 3)

  • Return to the Transportation center where you were dropped off

  • Get on the Sandstone bus

  • Get off at the Vail View stop

  • Walk downhill a 200 feet back to where you started