Important !



You are allowed one vehicle in the Brooktree parking lot when staying with us. Shortly before your arrival you will be sent instructions on how to register your vehicle. It only takes a few minutes. This must be completed before leaving your vehicle in our lot. This only needs to be entered once and will be active for the length of your stay.Failure to do this will result in booting of your vehicle and a fee for removal

This is the only way we can control the parking lot. This is common throughout the Vail Valley but registering your vehicle will ensure you are safe from booting. When entering info with a mobile device, turn off “Mobile Friendly” option. The layout is much easier to understand. There are no assigned spots so park in any open spot.

Please park as evenly in your spot as possible as encroaching on other spots will result in lack of available spaces. It’s tight but manageable. You will also notice orange steaks meant to indicate spacing during the winter season.

There is also free overnight street parking available directly behind the condo on Vail View Dr, but this parking is first come first serve. Also note that there are signs with instructions as to certain days when vehicles must be moved.

Parking Structures

Parking structures at the Village and Lionshead fill up fast in the morning but free up after 3pm.  Parking is free for the first hour and between 3pm and 4am daily.

For more information on town parking availability, check here or scan. This will show all 9 town lots. I have only highlighted two lots as those are likely the ones you will likely use.

Parking availability

Vail Village Parking Structure --241 E Meadow Dr.

Lionshead Parking Structure--395 S Frontage Rd W

Vail parking can be tricky and costly, especially during the peak ski season. Spring, summer and fall there are rarely any issues . As we have mentioned, it is very possible to avoid using your personal vehicle during your stay. Hopefully you can park it for the duration. Although I mention Lionshead parking, from our location you will probably be using the Vail Village parking structure the most. It’s just an easier launching point during your stay. 

My advice- Take the shuttle whenever possible. It’s free and really the best way to get around.